Addicted to Candy Crush – Candy Crush Inspired Origami Owl Locket




Are you addicted to Candy Crush? I sure am! It used to be Subway Surfer that I was addicted too as well as Ruzzle. But now I’m completely addicted to Candy Crush. So much so that I beg my hubby on a regular basis to create an account for the sole purpose that if I’m out of lives he could give them to me. He refuses to succumb to the craziness that is Candy Crush.


Recently a good friend of mine, sorority sister and designer on my team shared this Candy Crush inspired Origami Owl locket photo with me (she is well aware of my Candy Crush obsession). Thanks Denise!


Obsessed with Candy Crush too? What level are you on? What’s the craziest thing you would do to get to the next level?

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