Working Rule Agreement June 2019

Approximately 400,000 construction workers working under the Joint Council of the Construction Industry Council (JCC) will receive a two-year wage contract starting Monday, June 25, 2018. The CIJC is the largest agreement in the construction industry and consists mainly of collaborators in construction and civil engineering as well as commercial functions such as carpenters, masons and painters. From Monday, June 24, 2019, basic salaries and allowances will be applied: CIJC employers will propose a two-year compensation and conditions system. Basic rates of pay will increase by 3.2% from 25 June and by 2.9% in June 2019. In addition, industry sickness benefits (ISPs) will increase by 6.1%, with the duration of payment increasing from 10 to 13 weeks. The overnight allowance is also increased by 7.8% to USD 40 per night. And later in the year, the service death benefit will increase from $32,500 to $40,000, doubling to $80,000 if death occurs either at work or on a trip to work or work. The following amendments to the Labour Rules Agreement have been submitted by the Joint Council of the Construction Sector and will come into force on Monday, June 24, 2019. Although they are voluntary, their use as a guide helps to create a level playing field in the construction industry. “Over the next two years, we will work to further strengthen the agreement and ensure that it is brought into line with other agreements in all areas and that it is considered relevant on major projects.

Construction [workers] must remain vigilant for employers to effectively pay agreed rates of pay. Too often, employers in the construction sector try to increase their profits by not paying the agreed increases. The wage agreement between the Unite and GMB unions provides that employees will receive a 3.2% pay increase from 25 June 2018. This brings the hourly minimum rates of craftsmen such as carpenters, masons and painters to $12.31 per hour, and the minimum wage for workers to $9.26 per hour. Wages will increase by another 2.9% from Monday 24 June 2019. Ross Murdoch, National Officer at GMB, added: “Given the current climate in the construction industry as a whole and the overall economic climate, this agreement is both a recognition of a hard-working and highly skilled workforce and a proof of a real commitment to maintaining a valid common national industrial agreement.