The Value Of The Attribute Source Agreement Isn`t Must Enter The Charge Account Attribute

Possible values: AIR, GEN, DIG, SVC, RES, TRA, DSP, REN, GAS, LUX, ACC, TBD. PayPal custom field must be less than 256 characters. The reseller account does not support 3D Secure checks for the card type. If you specify the billing address on a credit card with an identifier, the ID must be an ID of an address associated with the debitor. You must indicate that the terms of use are accepted. For PayPal payments, the old chest stream is not activated in your account. Contact us to activate the ancient Vault River. If you specify the reseller account ID that should be used to process a transaction and it doesn`t match one of your reseller accounts, that error will appear. The requirement lacks a necessary parameter, contains an unsavory parametric value (except grant type), repeats a setting, contains multiple login information, uses more than one mechanism to authenticate the customer or is otherwise defective. If you meet the transaction category, you must specify the PRIOR_NON_DISPUTED_TRANSACTION_ID or PRIOR_NON_DISPUTED_TRANSACTION_ARN. At least one of the attributes must be present, but no matter which one. This is not the case when transactions are created – billing and delivery address may be empty, unless AVS processing rules are configured so that the billing route and postal route are required. CVV must be 4 digits for American Express and 3 digits for other types of cards.

Your reseller account is not set up for Apple Pay support. Contact us to set up and activate Apple Pay. The reseller account provided in the transaction: the call for sale must correspond to the dealer account with which the payment was established by the customer. You cannot provide a source of funding without mentioning an access bar. This error is displayed when you try to create a transaction with a blocked reseller account. Payment toktokes must be clear for all types of payment. The Apple Pay certificate you downloaded does not match the pair of keys we saved on your behalf. Please download a new CSR from the Configuration Panel and create a new certificate for your Apple Pay reseller ID. The URL/Web for a customer`s statement must be 13 characters or less. The method of payment provided is a method of payment of a type that is not accepted by that merchant account.

The dealer account used is not fully open. PayPal payment methods can only be vaulted after the installation has been completed.