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What does this change mean? Employers and foreigners should be assured of meeting the housing requirements of the MÈRE when applying for employment. For people living in HDB housing, rental contracts must be filed before passports are issued. Employers are encouraged to use this checklist to ensure that their employees are staying in private housing units properly housed. For rental tips related to renting an apartment from the Housing and Development Board (HDB) can be found on the HDB website for more information. SINGAPORE: The authorities announced guidelines on Monday (September 14th) to help home operators and employers agree on their existing leases. It is in your best interest to check the number of operating passport holders who stay on the premises prior to the conclusion of a rental agreement to ensure that occupancy limits are not exceeded. However, they cannot consult the details of the operators or remove their names from residential real estate. Instead, ask landlords to unsubscribe to tenants who have moved. Employers are required to ensure that the accommodation of foreign workers complies with regulatory requirements. You should also report your employees` addresses to MOM using the Foreign Worker Address Service (OFWAS). They remain responsible when their employees source their own accommodation and must verify that the addresses indicated by the workers are correct. Physical visits to their workers` places of residence and the view of signed leases are examples of verification measures.

Singapore shares opened higher on Tuesday morning, reflecting regional markets and tracking the day`s gains on the wall… The departments added that those who have been evicted from LA LOA and cannot find alternative accommodation can request assistance at 1800-333-9999. The Straits Times reported Monday cases of landlords closing their doors to tenants returning from China. Workers, their employers and agents were looking for alternative housing. This requirement continues to apply until employers have renegotiated or terminated their leases with residential operators, the guidelines state. [BENGALURU] Australian equities hit their highest level in nearly nine months on Tuesday, with energy stocks… However, a family of four who immobilize and lease part of their property is subject to the occupancy limit. You can place a maximum of two other independent people in the field.