Mixing Fashion & Football

Be Bold, Be You



Sure, fashion is fun but truly great style brings your personality into the mix. Adding jewelry is a simple (and stylish!) way to bring a splash of personality to your wardrobe.

Whether you’re a fashion wallflower or a trendsetter, TaggedTM necklaces add a bold yet simple statement about who you are and what you believe. If you have an adventurous and courageous side, show it off with a “Fearless” Inspiration Tag paired with the “I Am” Empowerment Tag. Or, simply remind yourself to be grateful for life’s daily pleasures with the “Gratitude” Inspiration Tag. Create an even more individualized piece by adding a Crystal or Earth Element Dangle.

Dive into your closet to brainstorm additional ways to make a true statement. But remember, expressing yourself through fashion doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s as easy as adding a simple Tagged necklace to your look!

Fab New Fashion for Spring



Enhance your style with some fab new finds this spring from Origami Owl’s spring/summer collection featuring the latest trends in customizable jewelry. Check out my website to view the newest Lockets, Chains, Charms, Dangles and Tags to help tell your personal story with a stylish look all your own.

Go ahead and take a fashion break … you deserve it! Ask me for a copy of our latest Take Out Menu (that’s what we call our catalog) and browse all the newest customizable jewelry additions. And if you need help building your own piece, there’s plenty of inspiration to help you create a unique combination all your own. After all, a girl always has room to expand her jewelry wardrobe!