Smartech Repository Agreement Form

The President`s Scholarship is Georgia Tech`s most important performance award. It is offered to some 110 outstanding beginners, who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, are among the few in their class in academic performance and promise to pursue such a performance at the university and beyond. The Georgia Tech Athletic Association forms the Institute`s veranda and serves as a meeting point for students, alumni, fans and friends. SMARTech contains more than 50,000 scientific papers, including more than 19,000 Georgia Tech theses and doctoral theses. If you would like more information about SMARTech, please contact us: Effective information security in the context of real-world problems is only achieved through user-centric approaches that integrate technological and political research. PhD students can submit their doctoral theses for treatment and dissemination to ProQuest Dissertation Abstracts. Authors who opt for this option can access the ProQuest Dissertation publishing authors site for more information or to obtain the corresponding contract form. Authors can get proQuest Dissertation Publishing even at Payment requests can be initiated by contacting The Georgia Tech Library reserves the right to evaluate the application and decide whether the item should be removed. If a payment is made, SMARTech will notify the applicant and remove the item.

Georgia Tech Digitaly`s mission is to collect, organize, retain and access unique digital content of lasting value to the Institute and its mission. The filing collection field includes the Georgia Tech Fellowship and Research; Institutional publications; Special material collections; and other values for the Georgia Tech community. The records are stored within the repository in accordance with international best practices established for reliable digital repositories and are maintained in accordance with Georgia Tech and the Georgia Board of Regents Retention Schedule Guidelines. The Institute is committed to maintaining the long-term deposit.