Security Token Purchase Agreement

10.9 Electronic Communications. Buyer agrees and acknowledges that all agreements, communications, disclosures and other communications that the Company makes available to Buyer under this Agreement or in connection with or in connection with Buyer`s purchase of tokens, including this Agreement, may be made available to Buyer in electronic form, at its discretion. 5.1.4 No conflict. the performance, delivery and performance of this Agreement does not result in a breach, is not contrary or presents a significant delay, with or without delay or notification: (i) provide the buyer`s organizational documents, if any; (ii) any provision of a judgment, order or order involving the buyer, to which the buyer is related or to which any of its material property is subject; (iii) any essential agreement, undertaking, obligation or obligation in which the buyer participates or to which it is bound; or (iv) any laws, regulations or rules applicable to Buyer. 4.1.1 Buyer Security. the buyer must take appropriate and appropriate measures to ensure access to the following devices: (i) any device linked to the buyer and used in connection with the purchase of tokens by the buyer; (ii) private keys for the buyer`s wallet or account; and (iii) other usernames, passwords, or other login or identification information. In the event that the buyer is no longer in possession of the buyer`s private keys or a device linked to the buyer`s account or if he is unable to provide the buyer`s registration or identification data, the buyer acknowledges and understands that he may lose all his tokens or access to his account. In this case, the company is not required to recover tokens and the buyer acknowledges, understands and agrees that all token purchases are non-refundable and that the buyer does not receive any money or other compensation for the tokens purchased. 7.9 Access to Private Keys. Tokens purchased by the buyer can be kept by the buyer in the buyer`s digital wallet or vault, which require a private key or a combination of private keys to access them.

As a result, the loss of the necessary private keys related to the buyer`s digital wallet or vault in which the tokens are stored can result in the loss of those tokens, access to the buyer`s token balance, or blockchain assets created by third parties. In addition, any third party that has access to these private keys, including access to registration information from a hosted wallet or vault service used by the buyer, may be able to abuse the buyer`s tokens. The company is not responsible for these losses. 5.1.12 Funds; Payments. Funds, including Fiat, virtual currency or cryptocurrency used by the buyer to purchase tokens, do not originate from or are related to illegal activities, including, but not limited to, money laundering or terrorist financing. 7.10 New Technologies. The project and all the themes outlined in the white paper are new and untested. The project may not be able to be completed, implemented, or accepted….