Doi Interagency Agreement Form

The BLM and forestry have manual direction to assist field units in implementing first service projects. The National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife do not have specific agency management; see examples below or talk to your agency contract coordinator for assistance. The core of Service First is an agreement between two or more agencies to do things from an integrated perspective. After completing this form, follow the policies of both agencies for the processing of agreements. In general, you need a contract specialist to verify your agreement before a manager signs it. Some agencies have such automated databases. B as the Forest Service`s I-WEB database, but not others. You should discuss the process and steps with your scholarship and agreement specialists.

This agreement allows the four front-line service agencies to share their resources, re-delegate government, tasks and responsibilities, and simplify the repayable process. The Inter-Institutional Memorandum of Understanding defines the mechanism for internal government orders (IGO) and mission orders (TO) among agencies. The IGO or TO should contain a working statement outlining the project and mutual agreement between the agencies concerned. Agencies do not need a separate Memorandum of Understanding to implement a Service First project. If the estimated costs of service agencies first are generally the same for a project, co-site or long-standing position, agencies may enter into an agreement (no formal inter-institutional agreement) to provide compensation for the costs of goods or services exchanged between agencies. Staff members of both agencies negotiate the results of the agreement taking into account the extent of the work and cost elements, the duration of the agreement, the specific reports or schedule, the frequency of billing, monitoring and standard operating procedures, as well as the transfer of requirements to the Authority. Please have your respective scholarships and contract agents reported. Agencies are not required to complete a separate agreement for their specific projects. The Interagency MOU is a global agreement that all agencies can use and quote.

Keep in mind that ENTREPRISES are not fund vehicles and cannot commit funds. In other words, you cannot move money from one agency to another with an agreement. You must establish a separate mandatory agreement with specific forms provided by each agency, whether you are the recipient of the money or the fund payer. Once the agreement has been signed, an eligible account is established by the Agency, which receives the funds to be billed to meet the terms of the agreement. There are two main methods for moving money between agencies to fulfill the conditions of the first service agreement: refundable accounts and direct transfers. Service First provides that agencies enter into repayable agreements, but also transfer funds directly to another agency via treasury codes. This is a new process that is being tested at several sites across the country. At this stage, this option is not open to all units at the national level, but based on the results of the pilots, we are in the process of developing procedures and criteria for use. Interagency Agreement Overview and Conclusion Manual Presentation (992 KB PDF). Before contacting the staff below, please contact your local or regional coordinators.

Inter-institutional Letter of Intent, Seven 2013 (192 KB PDF) The inter-institutional agreement allows all agencies to use the Intergeny Agreement between Federal Agencies (IAA), FMS-7600B to create refundable accounts for first service projects. Concretely: IA Agreement Process Graphic – Basic (355 KB PDF) IA Agreement Process Graphic – Detailed (1.920 KB PDF) DOI Agency District District Budget Analyst Responsibilities: Managing financial transactions, besonders moving funds, between two or more agencies can be a challenging aspect of Service First.