Aws Data Privacy Agreement

The European Union`s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects the fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data of the persons concerned in the European Union. Robust requirements are introduced to strengthen and harmonize data protection, security and compliance standards. We define customer content as software (including machine images), data, text, audio, video or images that a customer or end-user transmits to us for processing, storage or hosting by AWS services in connection with that customer`s account, as well as all computational results that the customer or end-user deducts from the use of AWS services. For example, the customer`s content contains content that a customer or end-user stores in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). The customer`s content does not contain any account information that we describe below. The terms of the AWS customer agreement and AWS terms of service apply to your customer content. If you interact with AWS offers on behalf or through your organization, your personal data may also be subject to your organization`s privacy practices and you should submit privacy requests to your organization. Transfers outside Brazil. When we transfer your personal data outside Brazil, we do so in accordance with the provisions of this privacy statement and applicable data protection legislation.

Amazon Macie is a security service that uses machine learning to help APN customers and partners automatically detect, classify and protect confidential data in AWS. This fully managed service continuously monitors data access activity in the event of anomalies and generates detailed alerts if it detects the risk of unauthorized access or accidental data leakage, such as. B access to confidential data that was accidentally taken out. Macie is certified to internationally recognized standards, such as ISO 27017 for cloud security, ISO 27018 for cloud privacy, and APN customers and partners can also use Macie to continuously monitor access to their data to detect suspicious activity based on access models. AWS`s other tools to protect data from cyberattacks are the most important: security is a top priority in the case of AWS. We design our systems with your security and privacy in mind.