Apple Partnership Agreement

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne Ronald Wayne (* May 17, 1934) is a former American businessman in the electronics industry. He was a co-founder of Apple Computer Company (now Apple Inc.) in partnership with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and provided administrative supervision and documentation to the new company. Twelve days later, he sold his 10% stake in the new company for 800 $US to Jobs and Wozniak, and a year later he accepted the last $1500 to lose any future claims against the newly created Apple for a total amount of $2,300. [1] [2] [3] – And a second founding agreement in which Jobs, the master marketing, and Wozniak, the programming genius, outlined their plans for the company that would contribute to the PC revolution and create the iPod, iPhone and more recently the iPad. He was personally responsible for the debt of the new partnership since the partners are in partnership: Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs would have been too, but Mr. Wayne argued that they had no money, and he did. Mr. Wayne was not wrong in his assessment of his personal responsibility for the debt of the new partnership. But he was wrong when he started the company in partnership – according to this article, Mr. Wayne cancelled the partnership agreement from memory. While a partnership is easier to create than a business and easier to maintain, it is rarely a better choice for several reasons.

One of them is the issue of personal responsibility for the debts or debts of the company, which Mr. Wayne predicted well. .