Agreement With Higher Power

“The inequality of bargaining power between workers who do not enjoy full freedom of association or genuine contractual freedom and employers organized within the enterprise community or other forms of co-ownership weigh heavily on the trade flow and tends to accentuate the recurrent commercial depression by reducing wage rates and the purchasing power of employees in industry and by reducing competition rates of pay and working conditions within and between branches. Conflict resolution. A process provides certainty that a solution has been defined. They can invent a new framework for their future. Non-adversarial ways to build emotional relationships leave fewer scars and better ground for new beginnings. Joint ventures. Success increases because a detailed common vision is expressed. Labour relations. You can participate in the design and adaptation of your working relationships. Reciprocity is encouraged, resentment eliminated and buy-in is guaranteed.

Teams. Managers, department heads, and team leaders can use agreements to keep their units in the same goal. The ability to express a common vision and create clear conditions for satisfaction is essential to this task. It operates both within and between departments and companies. Productivity of working groups. Work becomes primary, not the “politics” of relationships. The common vision and tactical steps to achieve the objectives are at the center of the concerns. The internal chatter is over. Promises/commitments of action.

The agreement contains clear promises so that everyone knows who will do what. If the obligations to take action are specific, you can determine if the action is sufficient. All promises must have specific deadlines for the completion of the task and the period during which the agreement is in force. How long are you going to do it, and how long will you do it? Value of the exchange. Who receives what for what? Are the exchanges satisfactory? This must be clearly understood and everyone must be satisfied, otherwise they sabotage the transaction. Satisfaction measures. Evidence that all indicates that they have achieved their objectives must be specified in clear, direct and measurable terms on which there can be no disagreement. This element is essential because it eliminates conflicts over the ultimate question: have you accomplished what you had planned? How important is this? In Galatians 5:6, the Bible says that faith works through love. .

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