Accession To The Grant Agreement

Please use the My Projects page of the funding & Tenders Portal to prepare your grant by entering the necessary data and signing your grant agreement online. This data will also be available in PDF format. Signature of the declaration of honour: as a beneficiary, you must sign a “declaration of honour” as soon as possible and no later than 6 weeks after the date on which you were invited to prepare the grant agreement. The grant agreement can only be signed when all beneficiaries have signed their honourable declarations. Once the application is launched, you can modify the data of the grant agreement. Use the grant management system, as you did when creating the Grant Agreement (CAP). All beneficiaries can help by working on their own data. When the legal, administrative and financial data are complete, we will determine the amount of pre-financing that will be paid to you at the beginning of the project. There is no standard amount or percentage for pre-financing. For measures with at least two reporting periods, it is generally up to the average amount of Community aid per period (i.e. maximum amount/number of periods). More details can be found in the Annotated Model Grant Agreement, Article 21.2.

Refusal: if the application is invalid (e.g. B if it is contrary to the conditions of the grant agreement), is incomplete or incorrect or if the responsible authority does not agree, the Commission official shall formally reject it. This process summarizes the main steps in signing your grant agreement: PLSIGN sign amendments to grant agreements and PFSIGN sign financial statements according to the same process. As soon as the draft amendment is complete (there will be no blocking instances or missing elements left), you will need to submit the draft application to the EU official for review. In this stage, the relevant EU representatives carry out checks on the quality and completeness of the draft application. Such controls may include the ethical and/or security aspects of the financial assistance concerned. At this stage, the official may be assisted in the preparation of the amendment. In addition, this step allows you to activate specific modification clauses and contractual options that can only be processed by EU services. You will receive email notifications regarding all the actions you need to perform for the preparation of the grant. For more information, see the list of all notifications related to financial aid and their recipients.

The grant agreement must be signed no later than three months after receipt of the results of your evaluation (Article 20(2) of the Conditions of Participation). To achieve this, there is a strict deadline for each step of the preparation of the agreement. “Change Information” tab: In the grant management computer system, a “Change Information” tab is displayed. It contains important information, a complete list of change types, and a specific field to use to motivate the request. The amended provisions become constituent elements of the contract. If the JRC is favoured, it must sign Annex 3b (not Annex 3) as the accession form. The JRC and the Commission must sign the management agreement online at the time of signing the financial assistance. During the development of a grant agreement, each beneficiary chooses one or more legal signatories for the project and each of them can sign online. First version: you have three weeks to submit the first version of the grant agreement data, including Annex 1 (DoA) and Annex 2 (estimated budget estimate/estimated flat-rate breakdown for fixed pilot projects).

The project manager evaluates the first version and tells you about the requirements you still need to fulfill. Finalization: you have up to 2 weeks to submit a final version of the data. If joint and several liability has been claimed but the declaration is not made as described above, the beneficiary shall not be considered a party to the grant agreement. . . .